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Terri is our customer service manager. She is a retired registered ultrasound technician after 30 years in the industry. She enjoys spending time with her grandkids, traveling, attending her grandkids school events and enjoys her hobby farm.

Ken is one of our Project Managers. He has worked in trades his whole life. His skills have been honed through years of on-the-job experience. Ken enjoys spending time with his grandkids, music, being outside and working with his hands.

They are the reason Kenny is able to pursue his dreams!

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I'm Garrett Horjus and I was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan with my mother, father, and 4 sisters. I enjoy lifting weights, training MMA, spending time with my family, but most of all I love helping people. After high school I did welding/fabrication. After that I became a professional garage door installer/technician for 5 years, which gave me the opportunity to train people and travel around the US. Through that fell in love with the detail oriented work, fabrication in the field, problem solving, and the reward of knowing I helped someone by building something of high quality. I always wanted to know ho to do more, and acquire more skills. which led me to Ledbetter Construction.

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